At last - How to have fame, fortune and immortality -- and get a enough freebies to fill a circus tent, as well!
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At last - how to have fame, fortune and immortality -- and get a enough freebies to fill a circus tent, as well!
P.T. Barnum never said "There's a sucker born every minute." He was too smart for that. Find out the fascinating truth about the famous marketer, promoter and lover of humanity in Joe Vitale's revised, expanded, and brand new book, There's a Customer Born Every Minute!

This new book reveals Barnum's 10 Rings of Power for creating an empire today. You'll find them inspiring, practical, and easy to do. No wonder everyone from Evel Knievel to Jeffrey Gitomer (who wrote the foreword to this new edition) are praising this book.
"P.T. Barnum was quite an extraordinary human being, and this book is great. It’s time someone wrote the truth about Barnum."
-- Evel Knievel
A fascinating look at one of the greatest and most misunderstood promotional geniuses of all time. There's a Customer Born Every Minute is the next best thing to having P.T. Barnum himself personally reveal his money-making secrets to you."
-- David L. Deutsch, Advertising and Direct Mail Copywriter, author, Million Dollar Marketing Secrets
"This book will hold you spellbound. It is electrifying! It illuminates every creative impulse of Barnum and his timeless marketing genius. Joe Vitale has captured the power of Barnum's successes and has given us the tools to plug in! If you want to dramatically increase your ability to promote your business, then buy this book now!"
-- Allen D'Angelo, M.S., author, Explosive Marketing: 2000 Ways To Release Creative Marketing Power Into Your Business To Quadruple Your Income
"Joe Vitale presents a three-ring circus of wise and profit-producing ideas in There’s a Customer Born Every Minute. The book is as easy to read as it is enlightening. It’s must-reading if you have even a vague interest in money."
-- Jay Conrad Levinson, author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series
"P.T. Barnum became rich and famous because he understood people. This made doing business with them simple. This book reveals the great showman’s business secrets, including his little known negotiation skills."
-- Gerard Nierenberg, President, The Negotiation Institute, author, The Art of Negotiating and The Complete Negotiator
At a time when 43% of Americans cannot recall the name of the vice-president of the United States (according to a 1994 Gallup Poll), Barnum’s name remains a household word. Joe Vitale quickly dispels ignorantly conceived myths and rumors, and reveals Barnum for what he truly was (and still is)---a marketing titan whose genius must be reviewed and modeled after. Anyone who claims to be serious about business, marketing, and advertising, needs to read, study, and keep a copy of this book handy."
-- Hector R. D. Baron, Marketing and Sales Strategies Consultant, Executive Project Coordinator of The Billionaire Power Summit in the Philippines
"It's a Barnum and Bailey world so it's fitting that the best business book of the year is one about the most exciting and original businessman of them all -- P. T. Barnum. Unlocking years old secrets, Joe Vitale's fresh perspective on this legendary master is a joy to read, plus it's packed with up-to-date insights for today's entrepreneurs. There really is a customer born every minute and this book is the best way to learn how to win in the clown-eat-clown circus world of business today."
-- John Martin, CEO, Bold Creative Services
"Wow! I really couldn't put this down! This magnificent new book reveals the inner workings of a historic, inventive and persistently positive man. Joe Vitale has taken the classic wisdom of P.T. Barnum and made it accessible to us all. Amazing!"
-- Ron Kaufman, President, Active Learning Sales Training, Singapore
"What could be more fun to read than the business secrets of P.T. Barnum?! This book is filled with practical information I can use right now, information I want to pass on to my clients and anyone else who wants to further their stretch and achieve more happiness and success."
-- William Wittmann, M.Ed., LMP, Seattle

This may be the greatest book on earth! Including rare material by and about Barnum, such as ads, photos, letters, an exclusive in-depth interview with Barnum, and the entire text to his famous speech, "The Art of Money Getting." There’s a Customer Born Every Minute is both a business resource packed with true business wisdom and a fascinating look at the man himself.

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"Barnum's Head"
$199 value
Joe Vitale This unusual article from 1854 investigates the bumps on P.T. Barnum's head. It's wild, crazy, fun, and yet uncannily accurate. A collectible!
"Las Vegas Marketing Secrets!"
$39.95 value
Joe Vitale This Special Report reveals why a city in a desert is able to make people fly there, spend all their money, and laugh about it.
"Invincible Marketing"
$39.95 value
Joe Vitale "A Special Report revealing ways to succeed in today's tough times -- truly eye-opening and worth millions!"
How To Start Writing A Book Mini-Course - by Arielle Ford
$15.95 value
How To Start Writing A Book Mini-Course - by Arielle Ford Have you ever wanted to write a book? You're not alone! According to an article in March 3rd, 2005 issue of USA Today, 8 out of 10 Americans want to write a book someday.

If you're one of the many who don't know where to begin or how to start writing your book, or if you've started but can't seem to build the momentum and stick to a writing schedule, you've come to the right place.

This is an excerpt from a mini-course, "How to Start Writing a Book" by Arielle Ford. Arielle has personally written six books and has worked as the publicist for some of the most prolific, successful and famous, authors in the world including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Jon Gordon, Debbie Ford, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and many more.

You can learn more about Arielle and her course for authors at
How to Double Your Consulting Revenue With One Simple Idea...In 15 Minutes
For Every consultant, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, author, work at home mom or someone just trying to figure out how to break away from a regular 9-5 job.
By Susan Harrow and Mike Koenigs at
$27.95 value
How to Double Your Consulting Revenue With One Simple Idea...In 15 Minutes This ebook will show you an incredibly simple strategy that can increase the amount of money you'll earn from nearly every consulting project you have by 15%, 50%, 100% or more.

It's so obvious that nearly every consultant doesn't use it. You'll learn the concept in less than 3 minutes and 15-30 minutes to implement. If you've never broken the "six figure glass ceiling" before, you'll be refreshed to know that it's not that difficult to attain as a consultant.

Both Susan Harrow and Mike Koenigs have worked for years as consultants, authors and product creators, making multiple six-figure incomes from their practices.
Internet Infomercials 101
Internet Infomercials 101 Who Else Wants To…Convert 10%, 20%, 40% or More Web Visitors Into Leads or Buyers?

Impossible you say?

Not if you harness the phenomenally powerful combination of video--the most effective selling medium there is--with the Internet, the greatest communication tool ever invented AND the proven "infomercial formula" that has generated over $100 BILLION dollars in sales.

When combined, you get an Internet Infomercial. It's a 30 second to five minute supercharged sales message that converts better than a sales letter or web site.

Bestselling author and marketer Mark Victor Hansen says "This is something I think is going to change the world. This is the future. If you want to be in on the front end of what is going to be a tsunami of business, pay attention!"

Presenting Internet Infomercials 101, your guide to learning about the most powerful online sales system available… Visit for more information.
Predicting and Preventing Disease
$39.97 value
Predicting and Preventing Disease Do you want to learn even more about how you can predict and prevent disease?

Recent advances in medical diagnostics and genetic testing give us the ability to examine the current state of you health with incredible accuracy, but even to look into the future and find out what your genetic tendencies towards specific diseases may be so you can counteract problems before symptoms appear.

Our guest today is Dr. Alberto Pena, He is the Director of Holistic Healing and Longevity at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Through his work at Sanoviv, he has treated thousands of patients using the best of western medicine and the most advanced complementary therapies from around the world. At the core of Dr. Pena's philosophy is the belief that the body has the power to heal itself when provided with the proper environment and is relieved of its accumulated toxic burden. It's a remarkable approach that challenges conventional medicine while respecting science and the wisdom of the human body.

Visit to learn more and to sign up for our Natural Healthy Living Newsletter.
Platform-Building Teleseminar
$219 value
Platform-Building Teleseminar Dr. Larina Kase and Bob Isaacson of Performance & Success Coaching LLC, reveal the secrets to building a platform, putting your marketing cycle on autopilot, getting a book deal, getting free publicity, managing yourself for success, and being the leader in your business and career. Those who love what they learn can get a free coaching session to start using the strategies right away!
"The Essence of Personal Reinvention"
$39.95 value
Dr. Joe Rubino Dr. Joe Rubino shares "The Essence of Personal Reinvention" Audio Interviews. Discover how to reinvent your life so as to maximize your happiness, personal effectiveness, and success. In this series of rare audio interviews, in addition to discussing the secrets to making one’s life work optimally, Dr. Joe Rubino reveals how to how to build a network marketing dynasty, become a power prospector, eliminate rejection, and become financially and personally free.
Loyalty Marketing Secrets
$49.95 value
Allan Katz Discover how to build a loyal base of steady, repeat customers without constant discounting by tapping into the unlimited power of effective loyalty strategies. With these powerful loyalty secrets you'll easily transform your business into a cash powerhouse.

You'll Boost Sales & Profits easily when you discover the hundreds of proven, tested Loyalty Secrets I've personally created which have generated millions for my clients...
How to Write Your First Books - and Many More!: Audio and 9 Secrets to Writing Blockbuster Books
9 Secrets Discover the inner genius sitting inside your head. Easily find your niche; write just what your niche is hungry for; easily plan and write your book; create ebooks and print on demand books; how writing articles helps you write your books; ways to market them, the classes and courses you create to leverage your books. One hour-and-a-half audio and 9 Secrets to Writing Blockbuster Books.
The first five chapters of her new e-book, Banish Mind Spam: Four Steps for Deprogramming Self-Limiting and Self-Sabotaging Beliefs
Sheri Rosenthal Sheri's new book sets out a clear and concise avenue for exploring your minds programming and obtaining your personal freedom and happiness. This book is a must have for anyone searching for the definitive "manual" on cleaning up their minds programming and is filled with powerful actions that will assist you in your transformation.. Today - banish the mind spam that is sabotaging your life and surrender to a life of happiness! Go to and download today!

And as a special bonus: a coupon for $200.00 off any Journeys of the Spirit itinerary for 2006 ( ). E-mail Sheri at for your coupon today.
TruAwareness: The Fast Track Method to Insight, Healing and Soul Awareness
$25.00 value
Melissa How many times have you felt angry, depressed or sad and had no idea why you felt that way? How often have you wrestled unsuccessfully with painful emotional patterns not understanding why you felt them? How frequently do you repeat relationship patterns because you can’t seem to resolve them? If you are interested in having a tool to better understand why you feel as you do, why you’ve chosen the experiences you have and a tool that will give you a deep emotional release, then you will love TruAwareness. TruAwareness: The Fast Track Method to Insight, Healing and Soul Awareness is a new book that profiles a powerful self-administered method that will help you to: Give yourself a profound energetic healing, understand the spiritual reasons for your experiences, help heal your emotional experiences and patterns spiritually and energetically, and use your emotional experiences as a catalyst for deep spiritual healing and conscious evolution. Offered here for the first time is a FREE e-course "How to Use TruAwareness to Transform Your Life!"
"The Common Purpose of all Humanity"
$27 Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I here" or "What’s my purpose in life?" Yes - you have. We’ve all asked that question time and time again. It’s a prerequisite for belonging to the human race.

Each one of us was created with a common purpose in mind. In this short report I will share with you what that purpose is.
How To Give A Romantic Gift Romantically
$22.00 value
Karonne Show your wife you love her…Have her melt in your arms…And ignite her passion! Please allow me to be your guide into the mind and soul of a woman. I'm here to help you with the small details of giving a gift to your beloved...and it's just those small details that'll make your presentation a memory your wife will carry inside for the rest of her life. The experience will become just as precious as your gift itself.
How To Choose The Perfect Gift That Says "I Love You"…And Have Your Wife Fall In Love With You All Over Again
$27.00 value
Karonne As a jewelry and romantic gift-giving expert, I walk you through the 5 crucial elements you absolutely need to consider before deciding on a gift for your wife. You’ll learn how one man was transformed from Romance Klutz to Amore Genius. Follow my guidelines and you’ll discover how to choose a gift that’ll have your wife gasp in amazement… glowing throughout the year…and make you a hero in her eyes.
Quotes of the Ages – A different kind of E-book
$19.97 value
Robin Wilson This e-book contains 150+ full-page size colorful quotes. Print them out to display and motivate yourself, your team, co-workers and family. These quotes can have a powerful effect. They can inspire and motivate people into action while educating and reminding you of what’s important. Quotes offer timeless ideas from all centuries from all over the world.
"Discover the amazing PROVEN strategy for getting ready for web traffic FAST!"
$97 value
A Success 6-pack of electronic books to help you attract more clients, increase your cash flow and find true passion in your life - provided by Troy White
Troy White (1) Entrepreneurial Spirits
Entrepreneurial Spirits – Science, Success and Spirituality The $10 Billion Dollar Book. 53 of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs share their untraditional, yet highly effective, techniques to create abundance in their lives. Learn the secrets these millionaires rarely discuss.

(2) Profit Secrets Revealed
A reader comments: "I highly recommend this book to anyone that is starting a business or has had one for awhile. It is right to the point and indeed covers everything. A wealth of information is offered. It should be a book that one should read and re-read and possibly carry with oneself wherever they go. "

(3) Prosperity With Silence
Classic guide to using your inner peace to find the true path to prosperity and happiness. Specific exercises walk you through these powerful exercises. Proven for many decades with thousands of people.

(4) 56 Lessons From Jay Abraham
A $6,500 education from Jay Abraham summarized with the most important points learned and how they apply to you and your success

(5) Maximum Profits In Minimum Time
Learn how to create "cash flow surges" that can put stacks and stacks of cash in your pocket. Perfect for any business who is struggling with cash flow or growth issues.

(6) Small Business Profit System
Many times, the most powerful and profitable lessons can be from the simplest of methods. This report alone can be credited with tens of thousands of dollars in additional income for myself and my clients
An Abundance of Customers (MP3)
$30 value
Brad This relaxing yet powerful 12 minute hypnosis audio will help you create an abundance mentality about clients, so that you will feel more confident about there being "A Customer Born Every Minute!"
Prayer Cookbook for Busy People: 222 "Golden Key" Prayers to Open Heaven's Back Door and Bring Answers in 10 Days or Less by the Internet's leading Prayer Coach - Elisha Goodman
$39.95 value
Prayer Book Prayer Cookbook for Busy People: Popular ebook contains 222 simple, targeted prayers to help you:
  • - pray your way out of debt and into overflowing abundance
  • - tune into the "abundance frequency" and enjoy the same rewards that only the "privileged"  few have ever discovered
  • - avoid the single, most pervasive problem that plagues most relationships today ...
  • - dissolve stress out of your life ... and begin to enjoy divine health

Join Sandra - the single mom who prayed and erased a $90,000 debt  within 90 days - plus thousands of prayer warriors worldwide using  Prayer Cookbook to attract miracles and divine blessings... daily.

TaxMama's Audit Secrets
$50 value
Eva Rosenberg You'll never fear IRS audits again. This is the same material TaxMama uses to teach tax professionals - in plain English.
Strategic Target Market Mapping with Anita Pathik Law, CEO of Dare Dreamers, LLC and author of The Power of Our Way, A Path to a Collective Consciousness, with a foreword written by Dr. Joe Vitale himself!
$199 value
Dare Dreamers, LLC This mini-course consists of an audio recording and workbook designed to uncover hidden opportunities in your current marketing activities and planning. This innovative process, and the tools you will be given, will not only help you discover new and powerful ways to reach your market, they can be utilized time and time again as your business develops and grows.
Discover The Secret To Improving Your Click Through Rates By 43%
Discover The Secret To Improving Your Click Through Rates By 43% Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Web Site? Discover The Secret To Improving Your Click Through Rates By 43%
Grow Your Business by Becoming a Successful Expert
Grow Your Business by Becoming a Successful Expert In this simple course you will discover the techniques that Cathy Stucker used to become a successful author, speaker, consultant and expert, and learn how you can follow her simple plan to become a sought-after, highly-paid and well-known expert in your field. Cathy will show you the six steps to becoming an expert, free ways to build your reputation online, how to use your expert status to create passive income streams and more. (MP3 and PDF).
Handwriting Success Traits - And How to Adopt Them for Yourself, an ebook and teleclass
Handwriting Success Traits - And How to Adopt Them for Yourself, an ebook and teleclass How many Success Traits does your handwriting show? Discover some of the secrets your handwriting reveals, and learn how to improve your chances of success by adopting the key Handwriting Success Traits in this ebook. Includes a step-by-step process, worksheets, and an upcoming Teleclass with Handwriting Expert Katie Darden to help you implement these changes.
The 7 Traits Of Power
The 7 Traits Of Power Now YOU, too, can acquire the traits of the happy and successful. This ebook shows you how.
The Two Most Dangerous Human Activies
The Two Most Dangerous Human Activies Issued by Harmony United Ltd. London & Munich
Curse Removal 101
Curse Removal 101 Ever feel like you are walking in knee-deep sand and just can't catch a break? Maybe it's a "Curse". Learn the SYMPTOMS and get the cure.

Rebecca Marina - Energy Therapist, Intuitive, Author.
"7 Tips to Spiritual Housekeeping"
7 Tips to Spiritual Housekeeping Remove the Curse then keep yourself spiritually "squeeky clean".

Rebecca Marina - Energy Therapist, Intuitive, Author.
"How to get in the Mood when you're just NOT!"
How to get in the Mood when you're just NOT! Learn to use EFT energy therapy to "get in the mood for love"

Rebecca Marina - EFT Energy Therapist, Intuitive, Author
"Top 6 Cash Flow Systems for 2006"
Top 6 Cash Flow Systems for 2006 In this thought provoking ebook 25 year marketing veteran Dale Calvert will share with you his Top picks for Income from home producing programs for 2006.

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